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Spousal Support / Alimony

Spousal Maintenance Should be Just as Fair for Men

Men know instinctively that alimony awards are biased toward spousal support for the women. Under California state law, the courts are supposed to apply a fair calculation that takes into account economic factors for both spouses, but the truth is that men still face a significant gender bias.

At Southern California Dad’s Law, we stand up and protect men’s rights in divorce court. We make sure that the spousal maintenance calculations are applied fairly and consider the wife’s potential in the job market. Alimony comes in two categories: temporary maintenance and permanent support.

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Temporary maintenance is determined by examining the financial need of the wife against the husband’s ability to pay. The calculation is based on a state guideline that determines the monthly amount of alimony and the period of time it should be paid. Permanent spousal support is calculated based on the respective income, employment and opportunities in the marketplace for the wife and the husband. Your attorney will need to know how to fight to make sure that all factors are examined fairly.

We Make Sure the Rules of Alimony are Applied Fairly for Men

Your Southern California Dad’s Law attorney will navigate the legal guidelines, ambiguities, special circumstances and individual concerns that apply to alimony calculations for you. The Family Law attorneys of Southern California Dad’s Law will provide a full explanation of how alimony calculations apply to your specific case. An experienced Family Law attorney from Southern California Dad’s Law can make a major difference in whether the temporary or permanent calculations will be used for determining if you will pay spousal maintenance to your ex-wife, and for how long. Our lawyers have the negotiation and mediation experience you can rely on.

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Contact us to schedule an opportunity to meet with one of our lawyers about fathers’ rights issues in family court. We know that spousal maintenance is an important issue for men and we fight to make sure the laws are applied fairly.